Tip #11 – Fusion of Ideas

In my personal opinion, upcoming composers never lack in having enough original materials & ideas for new works of music. However, a good portion of them do lack in the skill of seamlessly transitioning from one idea to another (unless that stark contrast is desired – but it shouldn’t happen all the time, as abrasive transitions sound cheap on the composer’s part over time).

Think of this technique of solving this problem like those apps that take two photos and fuse them together by finding the commonality point in the middle. The same thing can be done with musical figures/themes. Take two separate ideas and look at their shape, intervals, repeating patterns, contour, pitches, etc.

Take note of the similarities and differences between the two. Some stuff may overlap. Now, combine those aspects in different ways. Observe how each “offspring” figure has a commonality with each of the “parents.”

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